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I’m currently living and working on the un-ceded lands of Tiohtià:ke / Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I recognize and respect Indigenous nations as the traditional stewards of the lands on which I find myself.

I’ve been actively working as a Web developer (programmer) for the past 10 years. I started my career making things for browsers. I was initially focusing on HTML and CSS, with some light interactivity. As time went on, I found myself working closer and closer to the servers. Following the needs of the projects and the teams I was a part of, I picked up PHP, Python and a handful of other programming languages. I started working with databases and SQL. I discovered the fun of tinkering with Linux server administration.

Previously, I studied Information Science at the University of Montreal. Back then, I was deeply inspired by the work of the Internet Archive. I wanted to be a digital archivist. Somewhere along the way, I was lucky to get an internship outside of my university department. I was hired to help adapt some existing course material to be published on the Web, for online learners. I joined a small team of developers and content specialists, where I had the opportunity to learn the ropes. This was such a good experience that I decided to refocus professionally.

I had been programming for some time before that. Like many others my age in the ’90s, I have memories of tinkering with BASIC on the family PC. Around 1995, we upgraded from DOS to Windows and got access to the Internet. That’s when I discovered the Web and HTML. It truly changed me. In many ways, I have learned to think with the Web.

I also discovered Linux towards the end of high school. I remember overhearing a few teachers casually talking about “a new Linux machine”. The word Linux just stuck in my head. Maybe it sounded mysterious and cool, to a bored suburban kid. A few years later, with access to my own computer and quite a bit of free time, I took the plunge and never looked back. To this day, I’m still a full-time Linux user and I’m passionate about free and open-source software (FOSS).

Outside of work and programming, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts and journaling in paper notebooks. I’m also an amateur musician. I play guitar and a few keyboard-based instruments. I’ve been noodling and recording myself for many years now, but I’ve never really published anything. It’s my little secret. Something I can do to blow off steam at the end of the week, without really thinking about making it palatable for others. Who knows, someday maybe...

Thank you for reading. Please refer to the home page for ways to contact me.

Last updated: 2024-03-05

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